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wildlife photography field workshops

Professional Nature Photographer R.G. Bernier


Moose in water grazing.

Welcome to the pristine wilderness of Northern Maine where nature abounds. It is here, in this tranquil setting that photographs are made, not taken. The cry of the loon echoes on the pond, the slap of the beavers tail ripples the water, and the footfall of the mighty moose heralds his approach. Sound inviting?


Get up close and personal with the woodland inhabitants and learn the art of nature photography beside renowned photographer R.G. Bernier in one of his workshops. The workshops are not just photography tours, they are hands – on instruction in the field, demonstrations, question-and-answer session, critiquing and one-on-one assistance all to help make you a more accomplished nature photographer.



R.G. Bernier, Nature Photographer and Editor

R.G. Bernier – Nature Photographer

            R.G. Bernier is a highly acclaimed nature photographer with dozens of national magazine covers to his credit.  Bernier has photographed professionally from Maine-to-the Rockies, from North America-to-Africa.

            He writes and photographs for three national magazines, two of which he is field editor. Bernier has written & published 5 books, his latest two are full color coffee table editions show casing his photography.

            In his own words R.G. states. “The better one behaviorally knows the animal they are attempting to photograph, gives them the upper hand in capturing stunning images.

Come and let R.G. Bernier show you the difference
 with his wildlife photography field workshops.